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Fur keeps is a private non-profit organization helping homeless pets find their forever families.


We offer classes regularly on a more holistic lifestyle for the whole family- 2 and 4 footed!!! Check the upcomiing events tab. 

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Whether you help through monetary donations or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 


Our Special Needs Angels

Grant and Gary

Grant and Gary are the best of friends and very sweet. They take a while to warm up to people though which makes it a little harder to find the perfect parents who will love them as they are. They are certainly very handsome boys!


Angel Number 2


Dommie is just a little opinionated but a real character. Please is there room for the queen in your castle.



Angel #3


Poor Bean has had a hard time since his Mom died unexpectedly last August. All his brothers and sisters have found their new forever homes and he is still with us. He loves affection but can get easily overstimulated and then gets snotty. He just needs a quieter home where people will understand his quirks and enjoy his awesome moments.

Wish List


Paper Towels

Pee Pads

Petsmart, Petco, Chewie, Home Depot Gift Cards

Small /Medium Cat Carriers


Grain Free Pet Food and Treats

Holistic Healthcare



First and foremost, we all need to eat well. No fast food especially for our animal friends. I recommend grain free for pets and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies for 2 and 4 footed creatures. Read your labels! Supplementation for specific health challenges can be very helpful as well.

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Veterinary Care

Having a healthcare provider, either a physician or a veterinarian who will listen to you is a must. Do your due diligence on any health issue and ask questions. Consider adding chiropractic care, acupuncture or homeopathy to the mix.

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Essential Oils

After 20 years of incorporating therapeutic grade essential oils into my life, I can not imagine going without. Whether they are used for alleviating signs of discomfort, inhaling in times of stress or just using non toxic products in the home and yard, everyone benefits. I only use Young Living essential oils due to their unquestioned quality and purity. We also have regular classes in their uses with any purchases going as a fundraiser for Fur Keeps.

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All the buzz lately around marijuana and it's uses medically can be quite confusiing but really remarkable studies have been done in humans and animals. Pain, anxiety, seizures, cancer and so much more are all said to be addressed in some way with oral use of CBD. Topical products can be fantastic as well for both discomfort and dependiing on product line, skincare for that glowing youthful look. Not a bad thing to add to the arsenal in the family medicine cabinet!

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Self Care

As pet parents all the responsibility of our animal families health and happiness comes to us. Find a holistic vet in Chicagoland to start your education. But if we do not take time to be aware of our health and happiness, that job is so much harder. We all deserve a good life so go out for a walk in nature, take a yoga class, enjoy the energy of different crystals, diffuse some essential oils, enjoy the company of friends, volunteer at an animal rescue in Chicagoland or wherever, whatever improves your quality of life will help all the pets as well your outlook. 


Watch the events tab to see what classes are coming up soon.

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